Constitution Fractionalized

Posted on Mar 31, 2022

Genesis NFT Collection on Ethereum Mainnet. In the fall of 2021 the “ConstitutionDAO” came to be, it was the first “DAO” I had ever participated in. Shortly after the bid to win an auction of an original copy of the Constitution was lost, I conceived this NFT collection concept as a reward for the participants. Inspired by the enthusiasm of the ConsitutionDAO community, and playing with the idea of “fractionally owning a copy of the Constitution” — the CFRAC NFT collection marks the historic event as the genesis NFT collection for the ConstitutionDAO/PeopleDAO community as well as for Y4000.

View the collection on OpenSea

Set of 4 CFRAC NFTs

Collectors can log into the mint website to view their sets and download printable versions of their NFTs:

Mint Website

I composed a series of articles about the collection and the technicals around the mint:

Ethereum, Generative Art, and the ConstitutionDAO

Rewarding Your Community

CFRAC NFT — The Mint, The Art, and The Contract